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Promotion Sale of the Month: Flea&Tick Caspules and Bulk 100 Nitenpyram Flea Killer

We now sell all Natural Organic Dog Treats and Jerky all USDA approved  Steroids , Hormone and Antibiotic free

Brand new in !! the Flea and Tick Control and Prevention

  • 1 capsule kills Fleas all stages and Ticks for a full month
  • 30days



Flea Killer Nitenpyram chewables


made with real chicken liver

give as a treat ! Dogs love it ! and no mess!!

for Dogs in all sizes


Skin and Coat

Calamari Fish Oil

1 capsule a day comes in a 30 day bottle

Try our new all Organic Flea and Tick Neem Shampoo Bar Soap for Dogs !!

we offer the bar with Cedar oil or without.

if your order is grater then $10.00 you can also get a free sample Bar- just let us know which one you want 

with Cedar or without !! we offer our Soap Bars in 2 sizes to purchase. 

ingredients: All 100% Organic, Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Castor oil , Neem Oil, German Chamomile , Helichrysum, Lavender, ( Cedar ) 

one of our New products a 100% Natural Flea and Tick killer - spray 

for your Dog and for your House !!

Repels and treats bites and sore skin.

safe for everyday use.

And use the Flea- Tick spray around the House - a safe way to kill and repel. 

spray on Carpets, Upholstery, furniture, sofas , bedding..etc.

choose from :

  • Organic Flea-Tick and Mosquito spray with apple cider and cedar oil
  • Organic Flea- Tick and Mosquito spray with cedar oil
  • and for your HOME 
  • all of our products smell super good- and helps the pooches out a lot

Our Best Seller in Flea Control,  Flea Killer ,  2in1 Flea Control and Flea & Tick

Our new Natural Healing Ointments for Dogs is just amazing- it is all Organic and helps with flea bite allergies, sores, insect bites, scratches, scrapes, nursing dogs sore nipples , cracked paws, nose, elbows and other very bad skin conditions.

please select with one is the right one for your Dogs needs. 

for canceled items there will be a 30% restocking fee.

as well if you want to return the item the buyer has to pay for the shipping as well as for the return shipping ( on unopened bottles ) 

we do Not take any returns on open or used products.