Our new Natural Healing Ointments for Dogs is just amazing- it is all Organic and helps with flea bite allergies, sores, insect bites, scratches, scrapes, nursing dogs sore nipples , cracked paws, nose, elbows and other very bad skin conditions.

please select with one is the right one for your Dogs needs. 

how to use:

just take a small amount and rub in effected area 1-2 daily in bad cases- then you can do once a day until sore or wound is healed.

we used only Organic Products with the powerful healing of Calendula

Healing Ointment for Dogs with Lanolin with very bad skin condition and cracked skin- paws 50 ml jar

this product comes in a small jar 25ml

its great for Nursing dogs- for sore nipples 

and for sore paws, nose , elbows

and very bad skin conditions what need a fast healing ointment.

very good also for the winter month- when the skin needs special needs.

perfect for flea bites, sores, scrapes, wounds...

ingredients: Organic Coconut oil, Lanolin, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Calendula,

Vitamin E, Helichrysum,

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