Diatomaceous earth food grade 1lb
  Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade ( DE )
100% Organic
1 Lbs

USDA Food Grade / CODEX 
Freshwater Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

 Perfect for : Dietary Supplement / Organic Insecticide/Parasite Control

To Kill your unwanted Fleas- Ticks- Roaches and other Bugs

how to use it :

for the Yard : please sprinkle a fine layer of it around your whole yard - also on your walkways- corners and even on Trees

( make sure Fruit Trees are not in Bloom )

Rugs and carpets: Apply a thin layer of D.E. all over rugs and carpets to control fleas. Rake the D.E. into the fibers and leave overnight. When cleaning, do not make a special effort to remove the dust in the rug. It will continue to kill live fleas, repel others, and will deodorize the carpet. 
For even better control of flies and roaches, liberally dust the outside walls of the house, shrubbery, and outbuildings (such as barns, stables, kennels or corrals). Repeat if needed.

you an also rub the powder carefully into your pets coat. 

what is it for :


  • Control of Bed Bugs, Roaches, Fleas and Ticks (any Hard Shelled Insect)
  • Elimination and prevention of worms and internal parasites without chemicals
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Cleans and Maintains Digestive Tract
  • Improved feed efficiency (more gain per lb. of feed)
  • Reduced odor and moisture in barns and stalls
  • Improved coat and hoof condition
  • Fewer flies due to preventing fly larvae from developing in manure
  • Reduced annual vet bills
  • Reduced overall animal stress
  • Perfectly Safe for Human and Animal Consumption or Topical Applications

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