Our New Product !!

            for Coat and Skin


This will be the best and last supplement what you will buy for your Dog !!

we used the best Calamari oil - non toxic - no metals
so your dog can live up to his best health !

30 day supply / 1 capsule a day 
does your dog has fleas ? or did your dog had fleas ?
i'm sure you dealing with flea bits - rashes - dermatitis - red spots ???
dry itchy skin ???

Fish oil offers dogs multiple health benefits, not just promoting a strong, healthy, and shiny coat:


  • Reduces dry and itchy skin
  • Reduces dermatitis
  • Reduces excess shedding
  • Supports brain and eye health

this will solve your dogs problem !! and yours !!
1 capsule a day with food !! super easy
this bottle comes in a convenient  30 day supply
25-40lb  (205mg) with super tiny micro capsules...
( if your dog don't want to eat the veggie capsule you can just open it and purr the oil in his/hers food).
super high in DHA and EPA

i will assure you - you will love it and so your dog !! i speak from my own experience !!
you will start seeing results in 2-3 weeks
give just 1 capsule a day - for a happy healthy dog !!
best quality and lowest prices !!